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""I hate her because she shows me how vulnerable I really am " 😔"

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people fail to realize this 

Real talk


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I am howling



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People who are stuck won’t get your progress. Don’t ever let anyone take away the positives changes that you’ve made while on your life walk.

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@Anonymous "Justin Bieber was a child when he made those videos. I don't think he understood the full weight of what he was saying."


  • Emmett Till was 14 when he was mutilated and murdered for flirting with a white woman, his killers acquitted. 
  • George Stinney was 14 when he was executed via electric chair, for allegedly killing two white girls. There was no evidence and the all white-jury took 10 mins to declare him guilty.
  • Trayvon Martin was 17 years old when he was stalked and killed by a man with a history of violence towards others. His murderer was acquitted. 
  • Jordan Davis was 17 years old when he was shot and killed by an entitled white man over loud music. He was later found guilty for attempted murder.

Racism and white supremacy are literally killing black children, but Justin Bieber gets a pass because he was 15-17 when he decided to record his racist “jokes”???

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When your teacher tries to give homework on a Friday

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Airplane Sleep Positions by Demetri Martin

The “Friendly” Neighbour 😏😏

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